Thursday, 22 May 2014

Seamus is Growing Up

My dogs are loving their dog walker, so am I, she's absolutely wonderful. She really cares for the dogs and goes the extra mile for them. I've got over my anxiety of leaving my dogs in someone elses hands as I have complete faith in her.

Seamus enjoying the sunshine
Seamus is growing up, he's 16 weeks now and I can see that he is starting to form the dachshund barrel chest. His fur is growing too, and his silky wire beard is starting to form. He has a sweet, laid-back temperament, which is great as Pepsi is a bit hyper! He and Pepsi are good pals, and now he's bigger I let Ellie around him and they love to play together. Ellie is a rescue and spent two years locked in a crate so didn't know how to play. So now Seamus is teaching her and so, at nearly four Ellie is learning what fun it is to play. I love to see her so happy like that.

Me having Seamus was meant to be. I tried for two rescue daxies before I got him and both didn't work out through no fault of my own. Then the day after the seconds one fell through I saw the ad for Seamus and his siblings and the rest is history! Puppies are hard work initially but it's more than worth it, I'm so happy to have Seamus as part of the family.

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