Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Haha so true!

Monday, 23 July 2012


A Rather Wet Pepsi

Was out with the boys the other day and we got caught in one of the many deluges of rain we have been having over the last few weeks of dismal weather.

Max was very unhappy, tail down and giving me those "Please let's go home" look in his beautiful big brown eyes - Pepsi was not really bothered at all.  However, Max being a smooth-hair, was somewhat protected from the wetness with his dense oily coat, whereas Pepsi's thinner wiry coat really got soaked quickly and by time we got home he was like a drowned rat LOL!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Dachshunds and Water

We've had a terrible summer here in the UK so far, our June was the wettest ever! And I can honestly say that I have never seen rain and storms like we've had over the last few weeks.  Apparently it's because the jet Stream has moved south of the British Isles instead of it's normal position to the north of the Isles. Places north of the jet stream have low pressures drawn in over them and that's why we are having the exceptionally wet weather.

My dachshund Max hates wet weather with avengeance, I have to literally drag him out for a walk when the weather is wet. Pepsi however doesn't mind it at all and happily splashes through the puddles.  I have the boys on a coupler lead and in this weather it's been a pain because I have Pepsi striding out enjoying his walk and Max pulling in the other direction back towards home!  So, to be kind to Max when it was really bad I let him do what he had to do and then put him back inside before taking Pepsi for a proper walk, Max was very happy about this LOL!

I've found over the years that my dachshunds have, in general, not been water doggies.  None have gone swimming - not even Pepsi - and only Jenny my long-hair went into water. She used to go into shallow water and then lie down with her head above the water with a blissful look on her face, she was a very refined girl, no swimming, just relaxing.  I suppose when you have very short legs, are extra long and full of heavy muscle it's not exactly easy to swim.

We've now had three lovely sunny days with little rain and later I'm going to take the boys on a long walk so we can all enjoy this touch of summer before Mr Jet Stream gets into action again or maybe he's moved to back to his own home?

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cute Pup

So cute, I want another dachsie puppy!  I remember when my Pepsi was as tiny as that, but he always had a personalitiy so much bigger!