Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Seamus - The First Walk

On Monday it was finally safe for Seamus to go outside so I took him and Pepsi for a first walk. He was really good, nothing bothered him, he was just fascinated by everything around him as he happily trotted along behind his big bro Pepsi, he even did a pee! Since then he has been out a few times and done equally well, he is a confident little chap.

Also Seamus's relationship with Pepsi has moved on in a positive way. They have now played together twice and had great fun, though I must say I did feel sorry for Pep when Seamus hung onto his "beard" but Pep put up with it and seemed to enjoy playing as much as the pup did. Great to see they are becoming good friends now.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Puppy Class

I took Seamus to his first puppy class last week. It's held at my vets and is a chance for pups up to the age of 14 weeks to socialise and have fun. It was a small class, just three puppies, the other two were bigger than Seamus (of course!) but that didn't faze him at all. Right from the start he wanted to play with the other dogs and toys, he wasn't at all shy or unsure. When one of the other dogs tried to boss him about a bit he wasn't having any of it and stood up for himself, I was really proud of him!

Today friends came round with their daxie Bea. She is a rescue from a puppy farm and just gaining a bit of confidence. Seamus wanted to play with her but she was too shy, hopefully in time she will find the confidence to play and have fun poor girl. One of my friends took this gorgeous photo of Seamus, he's a handsome boy!

Pepsi is getting used to Seamus now, but still gets fed up of the puppy antics after a while! But tonight Seamus quietly got in the dog bed with Pepsi and fell asleep and stayed for half an hour and Pepsi was happy with that. They didn't get as far as snuggling together but it's a start.

Nearly snuggling!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

He's Here!

He's actually been here for two weeks but just got round to writing about him and his arrival, he's keeping me busy that's for sure!

On March 25th my friend Justyna and I drove through to County Durham to pick up my pup, who was just then ready to go to his new home.  The trip was pleasant, across to Hexham and then onto the A68  through Northumberland and into County Durham, up and down rolling hills with some beautiful big country vistas.

The puppy was gorgeous in real life as he was in the photos and on video I'd seen, I met his lovely mum and dad as well as his human mum!  I had shortlisted three names, (all Irish as I'd bought him on St Patrick's Day), Paddy, Dillon and Seamus and when I saw him I just knew he had to be a Seamus, it was perfect for him. His full title is Seamus O'Sausage, just couldn't resist lol!

I had a first photo taken of Seamus and me before we set off home, unfortunately he is slightly blurred, when he's awake he's never still for long. Seamus was snuggled in a fleecy blanket for the journey home and slept all the way.

Once home I introduced him to Pepsi and Ellie, they were interested in him but I was careful as he was so tiny. He was lively, bright and had a hearty appetite. He also settled remarkably well, with only a little whining in the first 24 hours, pretty amazing since he'd left his siblings and the only home he'd known. But he quickly learned use the puppy pads and I think he will learn to do his business outside ok once he is able to go outdoors. He had his second set of injections yesterday so less than a week and I'll be able to take him out for walks.

He has been a joy, already in two weeks he has grown and put on weight and is very settled indeed. My other two dogs are getting to know him, though it will take a while for them to get fully used to this crazy little pup tearing around lol! He'll be going to puppy classes soon, there's no doubt he will be the smallest there - however, as with most daxies, he is big on attitude and personality! So, welcome to the family Seamus, you'll get lots of love here and I know you will bring much happiness.