Monday, 14 April 2014

Puppy Class

I took Seamus to his first puppy class last week. It's held at my vets and is a chance for pups up to the age of 14 weeks to socialise and have fun. It was a small class, just three puppies, the other two were bigger than Seamus (of course!) but that didn't faze him at all. Right from the start he wanted to play with the other dogs and toys, he wasn't at all shy or unsure. When one of the other dogs tried to boss him about a bit he wasn't having any of it and stood up for himself, I was really proud of him!

Today friends came round with their daxie Bea. She is a rescue from a puppy farm and just gaining a bit of confidence. Seamus wanted to play with her but she was too shy, hopefully in time she will find the confidence to play and have fun poor girl. One of my friends took this gorgeous photo of Seamus, he's a handsome boy!

Pepsi is getting used to Seamus now, but still gets fed up of the puppy antics after a while! But tonight Seamus quietly got in the dog bed with Pepsi and fell asleep and stayed for half an hour and Pepsi was happy with that. They didn't get as far as snuggling together but it's a start.

Nearly snuggling!

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