Friday 13 February 2015

Update, and Seamus's First Birthday!

Where does time go? All the doggies are well, Pepsi still as mad as ever, Ellie is now much more at ease and comfortable with herself and people. Seamus is such a lovely boy, he is laidback and confident and very bright. He has been good for the other dogs too. Pepsi was so depressed after his big brother Max died and now he is back to his happy self with his new little brother! And Ellie, well Seamus has taught her how to play and they race around having great fun, it's so good to see Ellie finally being like a dog and having a good time playing. So little Seamus has been so good for the other two dogs. And of course he is a sheer joy for me and I love him to bits - even though at the moment he grabs and chews anything he can get his jaws on!!

The other week Seamus turned one and I made a doggie cake for him and the other two. I can't believe he is already one, time flies. He was spoilt rotten and enjoyed every minute of it. Here's a photo of him with his cake (which was a big success and soon wolfed down by the trio).

Monday 21 July 2014

Seamus is Six Months Old

Seamus at Six Months

Well my sweet pup Seamus is six months old! how that time has flown by, he's nearly all grown up and looks more adult than a pup now. He's still a lovely natured boy, confident and bright and quiet - unlike most daxies he doesn't bark much, thank heavens he hasn't picked up Pepsi's noisy demeanour lol. They are best buddies and love nothing better than cuddle together. He's friendly with Ellie too and has taught her how to have fun and play which is so wonderful to see. I must say I'm totally besotted with this little fellow as you can probably tell :).

Thursday 22 May 2014

Seamus is Growing Up

My dogs are loving their dog walker, so am I, she's absolutely wonderful. She really cares for the dogs and goes the extra mile for them. I've got over my anxiety of leaving my dogs in someone elses hands as I have complete faith in her.

Seamus enjoying the sunshine
Seamus is growing up, he's 16 weeks now and I can see that he is starting to form the dachshund barrel chest. His fur is growing too, and his silky wire beard is starting to form. He has a sweet, laid-back temperament, which is great as Pepsi is a bit hyper! He and Pepsi are good pals, and now he's bigger I let Ellie around him and they love to play together. Ellie is a rescue and spent two years locked in a crate so didn't know how to play. So now Seamus is teaching her and so, at nearly four Ellie is learning what fun it is to play. I love to see her so happy like that.

Me having Seamus was meant to be. I tried for two rescue daxies before I got him and both didn't work out through no fault of my own. Then the day after the seconds one fell through I saw the ad for Seamus and his siblings and the rest is history! Puppies are hard work initially but it's more than worth it, I'm so happy to have Seamus as part of the family.

Saturday 3 May 2014

An Anxious Mother!

I recently started a new job, in which, although I only work 16 hours a week, every two weeks I have a long shift. It's too long to leave the dogs, initially friends and family would pop in to let the dogs out, but people have their own lives and I realised that I needed to find someone who would be able to walk my dogs regularly. A friend recommended a dog walker called Barbara. She called round, met me and the dogs and she was lovely, immediately having a good rapport with the dogs and I was happy to employ her.

So, today was the first walk and I must admit that I was anxious, after all I was letting a relative stranger take out my beloved dogs! But I needn't have worried, it all went well and she even sent me a text telling me how the walk went which was really thoughtful and eased my worries. She took this photo of Pepsi and Seamus and it says it all really, they look so happy and relaxed!

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Seamus - The First Walk

On Monday it was finally safe for Seamus to go outside so I took him and Pepsi for a first walk. He was really good, nothing bothered him, he was just fascinated by everything around him as he happily trotted along behind his big bro Pepsi, he even did a pee! Since then he has been out a few times and done equally well, he is a confident little chap.

Also Seamus's relationship with Pepsi has moved on in a positive way. They have now played together twice and had great fun, though I must say I did feel sorry for Pep when Seamus hung onto his "beard" but Pep put up with it and seemed to enjoy playing as much as the pup did. Great to see they are becoming good friends now.

Monday 14 April 2014

Puppy Class

I took Seamus to his first puppy class last week. It's held at my vets and is a chance for pups up to the age of 14 weeks to socialise and have fun. It was a small class, just three puppies, the other two were bigger than Seamus (of course!) but that didn't faze him at all. Right from the start he wanted to play with the other dogs and toys, he wasn't at all shy or unsure. When one of the other dogs tried to boss him about a bit he wasn't having any of it and stood up for himself, I was really proud of him!

Today friends came round with their daxie Bea. She is a rescue from a puppy farm and just gaining a bit of confidence. Seamus wanted to play with her but she was too shy, hopefully in time she will find the confidence to play and have fun poor girl. One of my friends took this gorgeous photo of Seamus, he's a handsome boy!

Pepsi is getting used to Seamus now, but still gets fed up of the puppy antics after a while! But tonight Seamus quietly got in the dog bed with Pepsi and fell asleep and stayed for half an hour and Pepsi was happy with that. They didn't get as far as snuggling together but it's a start.

Nearly snuggling!

Tuesday 8 April 2014

He's Here!

He's actually been here for two weeks but just got round to writing about him and his arrival, he's keeping me busy that's for sure!

On March 25th my friend Justyna and I drove through to County Durham to pick up my pup, who was just then ready to go to his new home.  The trip was pleasant, across to Hexham and then onto the A68  through Northumberland and into County Durham, up and down rolling hills with some beautiful big country vistas.

The puppy was gorgeous in real life as he was in the photos and on video I'd seen, I met his lovely mum and dad as well as his human mum!  I had shortlisted three names, (all Irish as I'd bought him on St Patrick's Day), Paddy, Dillon and Seamus and when I saw him I just knew he had to be a Seamus, it was perfect for him. His full title is Seamus O'Sausage, just couldn't resist lol!

I had a first photo taken of Seamus and me before we set off home, unfortunately he is slightly blurred, when he's awake he's never still for long. Seamus was snuggled in a fleecy blanket for the journey home and slept all the way.

Once home I introduced him to Pepsi and Ellie, they were interested in him but I was careful as he was so tiny. He was lively, bright and had a hearty appetite. He also settled remarkably well, with only a little whining in the first 24 hours, pretty amazing since he'd left his siblings and the only home he'd known. But he quickly learned use the puppy pads and I think he will learn to do his business outside ok once he is able to go outdoors. He had his second set of injections yesterday so less than a week and I'll be able to take him out for walks.

He has been a joy, already in two weeks he has grown and put on weight and is very settled indeed. My other two dogs are getting to know him, though it will take a while for them to get fully used to this crazy little pup tearing around lol! He'll be going to puppy classes soon, there's no doubt he will be the smallest there - however, as with most daxies, he is big on attitude and personality! So, welcome to the family Seamus, you'll get lots of love here and I know you will bring much happiness.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

New Daxie Arriving Soon!

I decided recently I was ready for another dachshund, I have my wire Pepsi and my rescue dog Ellie a daxie cross. Ellie is not a snuggler and my Pep needs another dog to snuggle with! I was looking for a rescue daxie and two that came along seemed perfect but fell through through no fault of my own. The last of those was on the 16th March, and on the 17th I saw gorgeous daxie puppies advertised online and I realised it was fate that decided the rescues were not to be and one of these pups was made for me! They were a mixed smooth (5) and wire (2) litter, dad was a smooth and mum a wire and they were situated in the North East so not too far away. I love all dachshunds but have always had an extra soft spot for the wires, their bright, friendly, funny personalities always make you smile. So I enquired about the wires, both boys, and one is coming to me on March 25th!  Isn't he just the cutest little fellow? As I bought him on St Patrick's Day he is going to have an Irish name - which I'm still pondering on. Watch this space! (Photos by Durham Dachshunds)


Monday 21 October 2013


My last post was celebrating Max's 12th birthday and this post is telling you of his passing.  I'm only just recovering from it as it was so tragic. My poor Max choked to death on a small piece of chicken. I tried so hard to help him but I couldn't and he died before my eyes, it was so traumatic.  I'm crying as I write this, he was a grumpy old devil, but didn't deserve to go like this. Please, be careful when feeding your dogs chicken. My vet said that because it is a fibrous meat if it gets stuck it can swell up with the saliva and cause a blockage. 

Monday 6 May 2013

Happy birthday Max!

My handsome boy Max was 12 yesterday. He's a funny old chap, has always been a it of a grump but can also be very sweet. He accepted his boisterous "brother" Pepsi into his life right away and I do think trying to keep up with the young one gave him a new lease of life! For 12 he is doing very well health-wise, long may it continue!

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Life Goes On....

Sorry for not posting for a while, life has been busy and passes by so quickly, can't believe that it's already April! The boys are fine, though Max was recently in my bad books for chewing my RADLEY BAG!!! Grrrr. He can be so naughty.

Here's a photo of Pepsi and him wearing their lovely new bandanas from BE Loved Collars and Leads for your Dog 

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Snuggle Bags

I treated Pepsi and Max to a snuggle bag which arrived today. So far Max doesn't really get what he should be doing with it though lol! Poor chap, he's never been blessed with a lot of brains and doesn't have that dachshund burrowing instinct - he just thinks it makes a nice bed! Pepsi however (who is a bit of a bright spark and true dachsie burrower) got it right away, he immediately went inside and blissfully stayed there - he's the lump behind Max in the photo! Maybe Max will get the right idea eventually.....

The bags are lovely, very well made, I would recommend them.  If you are interested in them you can see more about them here.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

A Dog's Got to Chew What a Dog's Got to Chew!

The dachsie chewie monsters have been at it again! Found my debit card on the floor last night well chewed at one end.  No idea which of my boys did it, but I wasn't a happy bunny when I found it. They've been good for a long time so they were due to blot their copybook!

I went into my bank to get it replaced today - thought it would be easier than speaking to someone at the other side of the world on the phone. Well, it turned out that no, I couldn't sort it out face-to-face, I had to phone from the bank I've used for decades and speak to someone in a far off country and it took ages as I couldn't remember my phone banking security code, and couldn't check it as I was in the actual bank I use! Things were once so simple. I'm all for technology, but sometimes rather than speed things up it does the opposite and makes things more frustrating and complicated.

So thank you Pepsi or Max for the additional hassle you caused me today! Dogs eh, good job I love them to bits :)

Saturday 2 February 2013

Feeling Better

Can't believe that we are already into February.  My good news is that Max is back to his old self. He gets the pain killer medication each morning with his breakfast and it has certainly helped him and improved his mood!  He's been to the vet for a follow-up appointment and she noticed the difference in him when she examined the area he showed pain at on his first visit.  Thank heavens it's just age-related arthritis and not disc problems.  We all get health problems as we get older and Max is almost 84 in human years, so he's doing pretty well really!

Sunday 30 December 2012

Difficult Times .....

I've been having problems with my Max.  He has always been a bit grumpy but around Xmas he became really aggressive, growling and baring his teeth when I went near him and he ended up biting me twice on the leg just breaking the skin!  Pepsi just ran away in total confusion and fear though Max didn't touch him. I was absolutely horrified at the change in his behaviour and thought there must have been some physically problem that was causing this. So, the other day I took him to the vet and she found that he had pain and guarding in his thoracic spine. All his reflexes etc were normal so she was confident that it was not the dreaded slipped discs dachshunds are prone to get because of their long backs. The vet felt it was arthritis, which, as he is 77 in human years is probable! She gave him a pain killing injection and I have meds to give him each day.

Now it's the second day of treatment and Max is much more himself, he must have been in so much pain he didn't want me to touch him.  I must say though, after him biting me I am wary of him, it's amazing how scary even a small dog is when they get aggressive!  So, hopefully we have his problem under control and Max and I can now learn to trust each other once more. 

Sunday 23 December 2012

Happy Christmas!


Happy Christmas from Pepsi, Max and me to you all! I hope that it will be a special time to share with your human and your long, furry friends. Pepsi is in the festive spirit that's for sure, as you can see from the photo. however, I couldn't persuade Max to  pose, which is typical of him.  There's be more blogging here from us in 2013!

Saturday 8 December 2012

Another Dachshund Cushion!

My friend surprised me with another dachshund cushion the other day, and it's lovely. Though the Union Jack is not the first kind of flag you expect to see a dachshund on, I think it's great. Anyone wanting one can find them at Primark.