Friday 13 February 2015

Update, and Seamus's First Birthday!

Where does time go? All the doggies are well, Pepsi still as mad as ever, Ellie is now much more at ease and comfortable with herself and people. Seamus is such a lovely boy, he is laidback and confident and very bright. He has been good for the other dogs too. Pepsi was so depressed after his big brother Max died and now he is back to his happy self with his new little brother! And Ellie, well Seamus has taught her how to play and they race around having great fun, it's so good to see Ellie finally being like a dog and having a good time playing. So little Seamus has been so good for the other two dogs. And of course he is a sheer joy for me and I love him to bits - even though at the moment he grabs and chews anything he can get his jaws on!!

The other week Seamus turned one and I made a doggie cake for him and the other two. I can't believe he is already one, time flies. He was spoilt rotten and enjoyed every minute of it. Here's a photo of him with his cake (which was a big success and soon wolfed down by the trio).

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