Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Dog's Got to Chew What a Dog's Got to Chew!

The dachsie chewie monsters have been at it again! Found my debit card on the floor last night well chewed at one end.  No idea which of my boys did it, but I wasn't a happy bunny when I found it. They've been good for a long time so they were due to blot their copybook!

I went into my bank to get it replaced today - thought it would be easier than speaking to someone at the other side of the world on the phone. Well, it turned out that no, I couldn't sort it out face-to-face, I had to phone from the bank I've used for decades and speak to someone in a far off country and it took ages as I couldn't remember my phone banking security code, and couldn't check it as I was in the actual bank I use! Things were once so simple. I'm all for technology, but sometimes rather than speed things up it does the opposite and makes things more frustrating and complicated.

So thank you Pepsi or Max for the additional hassle you caused me today! Dogs eh, good job I love them to bits :)

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